Professional Hourly Carer job description

Registered Branch Manager



The aim of the Melody Care Hourly Team is to provide care, support or treatment for those people who wish to remain independent in their own home at times convenient to them and in ways they find agreeable that fully meet their desired outcomes.



Below is a list of duties you may be asked to perform as an Professional Hourly Carer:

● Assistance with daily living activities such as:

● Getting up / going to bed

● Dressing and undressing

● Washing, bathing, grooming (personal hygiene)

● Eating & drinking (nutrition) – preparing and serving meals

● Using the toilet, maintaining continence, managing incontinence

● Moving and transferring

● Tooth and denture care

● Checking spectacles and hearing aids

● Help during the night – settling down service, terminal night care

● Sleeping night duty

● Waking night duty

Health related tasks that the Client would normally take responsibility for, eg:

● Maintaining medical regime

● Catheter and stoma care

● Prevention of pressure sores

● Sight loss

● The reporting of any significant changes in Clients wishes, condition or environment to the Office immediately.

Domestic services

● Light house cleaning duties

● Laundry and ironing

● Meal preparation

● Shopping and errands

Social and emotional support

● Promote a sense of wellbeing

● Meet emotional needs

● Mobility and transport

● Company, conversation and listening



It is essential for the position of Professional Hourly Carer to have access to:

● a vehicle, with a current, clean driving licence, MOT and insurance that states the Carer is covered for ‘Business purposes’

● a mobile phone

The following personal attributes are considered necessary for the post of Professional Hourly Carer:

● Self motivated

● Prepared to work hard, train to gain new qualifications and develop your skills as and when required

● Organised

● Reliable

● Flexible

● Caring

● Sensitive to the needs of others

● An active team player but also able to work on own initiative

● Good communicator

● Have a common sense approach and nonjudgemental attitude

All staff are required to respect the confidentiality of all matters they might learn in the course of their employment. All staff are expected to respect the requirements under the Data Protection Act 2018.