Supporting our staff

Looking after our staff is vitally important to us. After all, without our Professional Carers we wouldn’t be able to care for our clients. Support and advice is available both internally and from external sources.

Melody Care and the Care Workers’ Charity

Melody Care are working in partnership with the Care Workers’ Charity (CWC) which exists to support individuals working in social care. The CWC offers a range of grants to support financial and mental wellbeing. 

• Financial and mental health support

Melody Care and the Living Wage Foundation

Melody Care attracts the best Professional Carers in Surrey and Hampshire because it pays more generously than any other agency in the area. In 2015 we were awarded membership of the Living Wage Foundation in recognition of our commitment to paying all our staff at least the Living Wage.

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On top of that we also pay the most generous travel allowances as all of our carers use their own vehicles to drive from client to client. Fuel is expensive and it does not seem fair that they should not be properly reimbursed for the miles they do.

Our Professional Carers appreciate what we do to try and look after them whilst they are looking after our clients. Consequently, once a Professional Carer is accepted into the Melody Care fold they tend to stay with us for the duration. This means we can provide a much better and more continuous service to our clients than most.

As a family we are so grateful for all the care and support that you give. I know at times this has not been easy. You all go above and beyond what is expected of care workers and we really appreciate everything you do, thank you.