Benefits, rewards and bonuses

One thing that does remain constant at Melody Care is the dedication, support and resilience that our Professional Carers demonstrate in their work.

Melody Care attracts the best Professional Carers in Surrey and Hampshire because it pays more generously than any other agency in the area. 

We value our Professional Carers and do what we can to say thank you and show our appreciation, from Christmas hampers to a new range of bonuses for staff.

We know how much driving our Professional Hourly Carers do everyday to visit their clients so we’ve increased the mileage allowance to 45p per mile in recognition of this.

Weekday evening bonuses – from Monday 25th September 2021 we introduced an extra £1 per hour for weekday evenings from 7pm until 11pm.


Christmas and Summer holiday bonuses – staff will receive an extra £1 per hour they work during these periods. They need to have full availability and attend all visits to qualify for this.

Birthday Bonus – from 1st January 2022, all staff will receive a ‘Birthday’ bonus day. This can either be taken as a day’s holiday or as an additional paid day – subject to an individual’s contract. 


Loyalty Bonus – from 1st January 2022, all staff will receive £25 for each year after their first year of service (with no upper limit). For example, if you have been working at Melody Care for four years, you will receive an extra £100 in your next pay.

Performance Bonus – from 1st January 2022, those staff who are on full time contracts (1,820 hours per year) will receive an additional £1 per hour they have worked above their contracted hours (with a maximum payment of £750 per year period).


In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Melody Care offered support where we could which included:

Mental health

A paid ‘Mental Health Day’ for our Professional Carers and a half day for all office staff.

Those who were required to self-isolate were paid in full. Melody Care will continue to pay for the first thee days of absence due to Covid, whilst the current legal requirement is not to self isolate, we feel this will allow you to voluntarily self isolate and halt the spread of Covid, keeping both colleagues and clients safe.

Paid in full

£25 payment made for all staff who had both their Covid-19 vaccination jabs.

Every carer I have had has been kind, compassionate and very caring. I have nothing but respect for all at Melody Care. Thank you all, I could not manage without you.