Frequently Asked Questions about working for Melody Care

Do you offer contracts with guaranteed hours or zero-hours contracts?

We offer employee contracts with guaranteed hours in writing, starting from 10 hours up to 35 hours per week. You will be paid for your contracted hours, even if you didn’t work all those hours in a given week. We also offer flexible bank contracts.

Other than the number of hours, are there any differences in the contracts?


Can I increase my income beyond my guaranteed hours?

Yes. You are also welcome to any overtime that is available by advising your operational team on a weekly basis of additional hours you may have available in your week.

What is your recruitment process?

We have a two-part recruitment process. Initially, you will register your interest and complete a questionnaire. Then a member of our Recruitment Team will be in touch to support and help you with your application.

You can register here.

Once you have discussed your requirements with one of our Recruitment Team, an interview with the local Registered Branch Team closest to where you live may be arranged, and if successful, our Recruitment Manager will offer you the position.  

I don’t have any training, can I apply?

We offer all our new joiners, whether experienced or not, 28 hours of paid training. The training forms part of your induction and you complete it prior to commencing any care work. We will continue to support the early stages of your development by arranging Work-Based Learning in your second week of work when your full pay-rate commences.

What is Work-Based Learning?

This is a chance for you to take your newly acquired knowledge and bring it into the workplace with the support of a colleague. Your support continues from Supervisors and Managers who will be in regular contact with you.

How do you attend the induction?

We run the inductions twice monthly throughout the year. The induction date is your official first day with Melody Care. Please note that Bank Holidays can interrupt this on occasion.

To attend any of our inductions, you must have been offered a position with Melody Care. You will need to have completed the questionnaire and your interview to be offered a new opportunity with us.

If successful at the interview, we assist you in completing your DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) and reference checks. You are unable to commence the induction without background checks being completed.  

Do you offer additional training?

Yes. We offer professional development during your employment with us by offering further training in RQFs (better known as NVQs)*. We encourage support through RQF Level II, III and V.

* Training for our part-time employees will depend on how many hours are agreed within the contract.

Do you have any company benefits?

Yes. We offer holiday pay, a pension, uniforms, a phone, and a petrol allowance of 45p per mile. In additional we offer a range of staff benefits, bonuses and rewards which you can read about here.

Can’t find the answers to your questions?

Don’t worry, we want to help and give you the information you need. You can call the Recruitment Team on 01252 229360 or email [email protected]  

We will respond to your email within 24 hours from a working day. Please note if you email or leave a voicemail on a Friday, it may be the following Monday before you have a response. We will always do what we can to respond quickly to you.