It’s the little things we do which make the biggest difference

At Melody Care, we want to know what makes your loved one happy.
Small acts of kindness and attention to detail can make a huge difference to their quality of life.

  Wheelchair bound Rodney rarely gets out. His Professional Carer Sian wanted to change that so arranged for Rodney to visit her horses, Benson and Lardy, during the warmer months.

  Fish and chips on a Friday were part of Vera’s routine which she really missed. Sarah, her Professional Carer, now gets her a fish and chip takeaway each week which they enjoy sharing together. 

  Carrie, who has been caring for Vera for a number of years, gave her a personalised hot water bottle for her birthday. She said to Vera “I now know that when you go to bed at night, you will be cuddling me!”

Rodney and horses
As a family we are so grateful for all the care and support that you give. I know at times this has not been easy. You all go above and beyond what is expected of care workers and we really appreciate everything you do, thank you.