What is Hourly care?

Hourly care refers to a range of care that we can offer our clients both in terms of length of visits to regularity of visits. Some of our clients just need a daily visit from our Professional Hourly Carers to help them with tasks such as meal prepping, cleaning and shopping. However, other clients need more frequent visits to help them with more involved activities such as bathing and getting dressed. We don’t believe it’s possible to deliver quality care in a 15 minute visit, so we don’t offer this. We want to allow time to listen to our clients and get to know them well, to complete tasks properly and to observe any changes in their health or well-being and respond accordingly.

Carer and client

What are the benefits of care at home support?

One of the main benefits of having a Professional Hourly Carer visiting your loved one at home is that they will have a personalised service and a trusted companion to help them live a more fulfilling, independent life. They can also stay in their comfortable home surrounded by their friends and family.

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We understand that your family member has had a life before us and the majority of our clients have had incredibly exciting careers and adventures. We will look after them with the respect and dignity they truly deserve, and pride ourselves on bringing out the best in your loved one. 

We aim to bring back simple pleasures to their life. We will devise a personalised care plan which is workable for you and your loved one – sometimes it may be as simple as a cup of tea and a chat, or a walk in the local park. At Melody Care, you have our assurance that we will match the best Professional Hourly Carer to your individual needs.

I cannot express my gratitude enough for the consistent, reliable care my mother receives from the team at Melody Care. Their care has enabled my mother to stay in her home which is where she wants to be. 

Our technology helps deliver the best quality care

OpenPASS is a mobile and web application which enables families to stay better connected with their relatives receiving care at home – giving much needed peace of mind. It allows verified family members to access information that is recorded by the relative’s assigned professional Carer.

The user-friendly app enables family members to feel more empowered and ultimately improves the quality of care delivered to their relatives. This also avoids instances of notes being unclear, or worse still lost, and important information being ignored. 

Poor communication can lead to confusion and a lack of trust. The app ensures the link between carer and client is transparent and includes details of how the client is feeling on the day of the visit, administered medication and completed tasks. We see first-hand the benefits of this system for both our clients and Professional Hourly Carer as they find the process reassuring and more efficient as communication is instantly accessible. 

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Why choose Melody Care?

At Melody Care, we meticulously check every carer, giving you the reassurance that your family member will be given the best professional support. Our Professional Hourly Carers join our team because they have a genuine desire to bring out the best in our clients, helping them gain a higher degree of independence in their own home.

All of our dedicated team of Professional Hourly Carers are familiar with the area and live within a 15 mile radius of their client’s home.

Once your family member has been assigned their trusted team of Professional Hourly Carers, these will be the carers they will see on a regular basis. We feel this is essential for continuity of care, not only helping your loved one bond with their carers, but more importantly, avoiding the disruption and uncertainty of new carers visiting.

We appreciate all of our carers and strongly believe this care is then reciprocated back to our clients. Some of our carers have been with us since we began in 2010.

At Melody Care, it’s not the case that one size fits all. We treat all of our clients as individuals by providing a tailored care plan to suit their needs.

At Melody Care, we want to know what makes your loved one happy. From playing a board game to walking the dog, we can help. Small acts of kindness and attention to detail can make a huge difference to their quality of life.

We spend time matching the right Professional Hourly Carer to your family member, so if our client craves home-made food, we will choose a carer who enjoys cooking. This may also be the perfect opportunity for the carer to sit down with the client, prepare a weekly meal plan, followed by a shopping trip. These activities connect your loved-one to the outside world as well as alleviating loneliness, which can be incredibly debilitating.

At Melody Care, we believe transparent communication between our clients, their loved ones and our care management team is vital. We use the latest technology (OpenPASS) to ensure our client’s family members have access to real-time information.

This is what we do best. Nothing is too much trouble. If you have a request for your relative, we will do our utmost to help, giving you peace of mind.

At Melody Care, we all want what’s best for you and your valued loved one. We hope you will regard our friendly Professional Hourly Carers as being an extension of your own family.

Our Professional Hourly Carers can visit at a time convenient to your family member. We can discuss the regularity and number of hours they spend with your loved one, depending on their needs.